Chris Smither

I’ve never miked a musician’s feet before let alone asked any of my interview subjects about his two appendages but when the artist in question is Chris Smither, then it’s as much a part of his music as his deft finger-picking guitar playing and masterful / lyrical songwriting. “Well there’s two of them!” he laughs. Careful examination by your correspondent confirms this. Two feet in fine black leather Italian shoes laying on a sandwich board – expertly miked by your correspondent – in wait of a song. “I wear them till they’re falling apart and I take them back and back to the cobbler. I have a cobbler in massachussettes who knows exactly what in want.” What Smither wants, for any future shoe tech, would be very well worn souls so their thud doesn’t interfere with the guitar in any way. It has to be soft in tone – like a muffled ‘thud’. Loud enough to weave in an out of his guitar lines but not loud enough to interfere with them.

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