Honeyboy Edwards at Home

On of the last links to a world that no longer exists. He tells tales of his thirty years as a hobo, riding the rails and hustling with loaded dice. Here he is at home standing in front of a framed poster of Charley Patton who died in 1934 when Honeyboy was seventeen. Listen to the Honeyboy reminisce about his hobo days here. There’s a feature article I wrote for a Mississippi newspaper here. honeyboy-ddt-6409

Tail Dragger’s band at home

Before you even talk to James Yancey – otherwise known as Tail Dragger – he stands apart from everyone else you’ve ever seen before. His tall, pipe-cleaner thin frame stands in cowboy boots and is crowned by a Stetson hat that covers a completely bald head. Not that he wears the hat as camouflage – His CD “My Head is Bald put paid to any sort of cover-up. His long smooth face is framed by a white beard upon which falls the shadow of a cigar that is usually clamped between his teeth.

Yancey lives on a second story walkup on Chicago’s West side where his friends have stopped by for brandy and cigarettes. The West Side is bang in the heart of what used to be Chicago’s blues scene. It was the domain of legendary names like Otis Rush, Jimmy Dawkins, Magic Sam, and ruled by Howling Wolf. Muddy Waters ruled the South side. “It used to be there was a club on every corner,” drawls Tail in a thick , rich baritone….

With Johnny B. Moore to the right

JD Souther Pics

We can debate backwards and forwards whether-or-not the Eagles are the ant-Christ of Rock and Roll but one thing for sure is that the writer of many of their songs, John David Souther, often labelled the ‘architect of the Southern California sound’ is a very talented songwriter. Being a multi-instrumentalist with a jazz background also gives him the ability for textured compositions. Fortunately JD is also articulate and really knows how to explain creativity. Though he has a reputation for not suffering fools, he also has a good sense of humor. Listen to the whole show here.

Susan Cowsill pics

I was staying at a friend’s tiny apartment in New Orleans at the time. Susan Cowsill and her drummer husband Russ Broussard came crashing in like a whirlwind on their way to a gig. It was quite an exuberant afternoon and we had tremendous fun. Because Susan was in the family band as a girl she is one of those rare examples of somebody who has never done any thing else in life than make music. Listen to the whole show here.

Russ Broussard “The Hub on the Tub” note nifty use of tamborine under left foot.

Welcome, and thanks for stopping by…

Well I’m getting there, slowly but – I hope – surely. If you have dropped in before, then welcome back and thank you for your patience while I am working out the website management side of things. If this is your first time, then thank you for stopping in and welcome to SittingWith.com.
I surrendered to the higher power of beats-to-the-bar before I was even old enough to shave. All I have ever done is talk about music with like-minded people, so Sitting With Gianluca is just an extension of that. I may be posting a little behind schedule initially, but this is a new venture and I don’t want to over-reach and under-deliver. Have faith though, I hope to be posting something every ten days or so once things get properly underway and maybe – who knows – eventually even doing it weekly. So stay in touch and sign on if you want to be kept in the loop or – if not – feel free to drop in on me any time.