Welcome, and thanks for stopping by

Well I’m getting there, slowly but – I hope – surely. If you have dropped in before, then welcome back and thank you for your patience while I am working out the website management side of things. If this is your first time, then thank you for stopping in and welcome to SittingWith.com.
I surrendered to the higher power of beats-to-the-bar before I was even old enough to shave. All I have ever done is talk about music with like-minded people, so Sitting With Gianluca is just an extension of that. I may be posting a little behind schedule initially, but this is a new venture and I don’t want to over-reach and under-deliver. Have faith though, I hope to be posting something every ten days or so once things get properly underway and maybe – who knows – eventually even doing it weekly. So stay in touch and sign on if you want to be kept in the loop or – if not – feel free to drop in on me any time.

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